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10 Tips to Pack Complex House Items for Move!

The whole process of packing every item from the household to move them to the new home is a challenging endeavor. If you are moving, say from Mumbai to Delhi, with the packers and movers in Mumbai, you should let the professionals only handle the big and complicated household stuff, like the furniture, the appliances, the upholstered goods, etc., etc.

When we discuss packing, we choose to manage the simple, smaller items on our own. This is a good way to save money on a move because the movers do charge for every item they handle for you. So, if you have stuff that you can manage alone, go for that!

Packing bigger items like the sofa set, wardrobe, television, washing machine, bed, television, etc. is no less than an endurance test but why bother, when you can easily assign the job to the experts and take a breather?


But here are some packing tips that we want you to know regarding the same, so you can easily take care of the process when you or the movers are handling it.

• Clean all oversize objects – Any item of furniture or any oversize object from your household that you want to pack should first be dusted or vacuumed so they are not packed dirty. Moving objects covered in dust is not the ideal way of preparing goods for the move, nor does it look good when you unpack them after the move. Since this again would take time, make sure you work out all these cleaning and preparation chores before the experts reach your place. • Do away with covers/layers – Before packing, you must remove the covers and layers of clothing you have on your sofa set, dining table, couch, etc. Keep all these sheets separately in a vacuum bag. Similarly, all the other small nuts, bolts, and tiny objects that you will remove from the furniture or appliances should be put securely in a see-through bag. Keep this pouch/bag handy as you will need it at the time of furniture rearrangement at your new home. • Have someone along – Do not handle the bulky furniture and objects alone. Have someone from the family to assist you in the process so that there remains no risk of injury and also everything gets worked out in comparatively less time. You can also call up your friends if you wish to have them around so they can help you out in the process! If all of you together handle the task with others around, the task would no longer seem a task, and managing things would be easy! • Be careful throughout – Preparing furniture is complicated and risky. Be careful when you are moving any of the bulky objects like the bed, wardrobe or bookshelf, etc. alone. Put on shoes, wear gloves and watch your steps during the process. Do not rush, do not forcefully do things or you will bruise yourself. No one is an expert when it comes to packing things proficiently for the move, so it is better to remain vigil and mind the protective handling tips shared by the experts that are easily available online. • Dismantle sensibly – Although dismantling complex objects helps one to handle them easily but then if you are not aware of the right process of doing it, you may finish up breaking or damaging your stuff or injuring yourself in the process. We would say you should leave this task to the professionals only. Or if you are doing it, just dismantle one thing at a time. Check the pro tips for disassembling goods on the internet to do it correctly. • Packing the pieces – All these big objects must be wrapped well in thick sheets that we call ‘moving blankets’ or ‘furniture pads’. Entirely cover the item (the sofa, the table, or whatever you are packing) with the blanket so that it remains protected from external damage. If you ever feel unsure of doing the task right, seek help from the experts or the packing guides available online. • Use other materials – To pack the narrow areas of the objects like the furniture legs and supports, you should use multiple coats of stretch wrap and then top it with a coat of foam sheet. Just make sure there is adequate cushioning on top of these tapered furniture parts. Safeguarding goods is important because that is what protects the items from transit damages and shocks. • Safeguard subtle corners – Nearly every big household item should be protected from the bottom and the corners as well because those areas are more susceptible to damage when the main item is being moved, lifted, loaded, or unloaded. Use corner protectors and other guards to adequately cover and shield the area from external shock and pressure. • Cover it all, entirely – There are no moving boxes required when you are packing your furniture. The movers simply fortify the item in sturdy cardboard sheets, thick blankets, and secure everything together with furniture straps or ropes. But there is one thing that remains the final packing coat – it is the coat of stretch wrap that is added on top of the item once it is covered well with pads. So, secure everything with shrink wrap that will keep the object intact. • Look after the fragile – There are a lot of items in our household that are both big and delicate, meaning they call for both safer handling and mindful packing. So, whether it is the television you are packing or the wardrobe with glass doors, chandeliers or glass table, paintings, or some well-furnished portable objects from your household, you must smartly wrap these items in bubble wraps and use durable boxes to pack them. Finally, secure everything using double-duty packing tape.

Relocations are complicated. So, the early you figure out your moving needs, especially the kind of assistance you will need for maneuvering the tricky objects and the sooner you book your team of movers and packers in Mumbai, the easier and more efficient your house move will get!

The Best Travel Insurance, How to Find What You Need?

Have you ever known that you need something, you know what it is, but have no idea how to find it? Sometimes travel insurance can be like that, because it can be confusing, complicated and intimidating. What you need is one place to go who you can be sure will help you find the type of travel insurance you need whether it be trip insurance, travel insurance, travel medical insurance, emergency evacuation insurance, extreme sports insurance or rescue insurance. I know a website you can go to for the kind of help and advice you need. So when you are not sure exactly what type is the best travel insurance for your trip, they will help you. Guaranteed!Let’s say you’re going on a fishing vacation in southern Chile where the salmon are really big and hungry. What kind of travel insurance will you need? Well since you are going fishing and will probably be staying in an established fishing camp not out in the wilds where you have to hike into unknown forests you probably need a good travel medical insurance plan. One that will assure you that the finest medical will be available should the need arise. A travel insurance plan that will also guarantee that if some natural disaster happens, like an earthquake, you will be receive some funds per day (usually $100/day) and that you will be able to get home should an evacuation order be issued by the authorities. I know where you can go to get the information you need, the information that you can trust.Perhaps you are going skiing in the Swiss Alps, you very probably need to get an extreme sports insurance plan or a travel medical insurance plan with a good extreme sports rider. These people can help you with that decision by explaining the pros and cons of both types of insurance plans, they won’t just try to sell you the most expensive plan. Why? Because they are professionals who have your best interests at heart and they also know that if they treat you right you will become a repeat customer and will very probably refer your friends to them in the future. They are looking for a long-term business relationship not a one-shot deal. What is their philosophy? They are in business to serve you, the customer.Maybe you are just flying to the Caymans for a week to take in the sun and lay on the beach, nothing strenuous, just be lazy for a week. They can make sure you have the insurance coverage you need, nothing more. They will always give you choices and explain the differences to help you come to an informed, intelligent decision. Why? Again because they are looking to the future, yours and theirs.